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BlackChocolateCo, chocolate skulls

If in the most common imaginary, Germans represent something freakish, let’s forget (at least for a while) the most common imaginary. Try to conceive, making an effort, an eatable skull. Matter of fact, a Manchester lab kicked off an apparent insanity. An atypical insanity, which, due to its nature, is tempting. By reproducing a human […]

Maylab painting with gummy bears

This project was conceived in1998. Its minds were architects. Today, they’ve decided to break the rules, to invent instead of lazing. They’ve decided to dare. They boil the bears, the sweets melt, the colours blend, the sugar evaporates. The result is a sensory work of art. Strange to believe, but this actually generates a finished, […]

Snurk | For horizontal living

As a little boy you’d dream of being an astronaut. As a little girl you’d dream of being a ballerina. As a little boy you’d dream of being a warrior. As a little girl you’d dream of being a princess. Snurk is a Dutch company producing bedspreads. Snurk can dress your dreams, because as soon […]

Everybody | Snuff Puppets

Undoubtedly scary. Not so much for those who live it, but for those who watch it. Not so much for those who, due to their young age, understand a little and enjoy a lot, but for those who, for their old age, understand a lot and enjoy a little. The image is monstrous, the installation […]

Bookniture is lots of things

Bookniture is lots of things. Firstly, it’s a Mike Mak’s idea. Then, it’s a book you can add to your bookcase. Then, if you want to have your five o’clock tea, you can use Bookniture as a table. If you also want to sit somewhere, Bookniture, with its honeycomb structure, supports up to 170 kg. […]