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ARTYGRAM / @pigolin

@pigolin is dedicated to erotic art. Without shame to show his distorted eroticism, he makes a series of illustrations inspired by manga and pregne of Japanese rebellion.


ARTYGRAM / @venuslibido

One day @venuslibido, decided to put a point and begin to draw the problems and difficulties faced as a young working woman.

La vita in Giappone in una serie di Gif_acrimoniamagazine3

Life in Japan in a series of Gifs

Despite the difficulty of describing so much variety and multiplicity of events, Toyoi Yuuta, 1041uuu on Tumblr, tried to convey through Gif the essence of the streets, of the events, of the Japanese lifestyle.


ARTYGRAM / @fucci

@fucci, of Franco-Finnish origin, is an artist who stands out for his ability to create vivid paintings with post-pop aesthetics. Find out more with the third ARTYGRAM appointment.


ARTYGRAM / @dan_cretu

The Instagram profile @dan_cretu demonstrates the tireless ability of the artist to observe the surrounding world, to capture the signals, the colors, the smells and to interact with it.