May 9, 2019 Do you think you really know Lisa Simpson? Do you think you really know Lisa Simpson?

Do you think you really know Lisa Simpson?

Bisexual or polyamorous?

By Claudia Matrisciano

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The themes of the LGBTQI+ community have, for many years now, been a reason for debate in our society. These are issues that are discussed not only in newspapers, on social media, but also, for some years now, within television series.

And if there was, precisely in one of these series, that character, perhaps central, on which the creators decided to intervene, precisely to ensure that these issues are seriously heard? That character so precise and customary over time that, in the eyes of many, would it be changed?

This is the case of Al Jean, one of the creators of The Simpsons, who has repeatedly stressed the desire to open the series to the LGBTQI + world (and finally I would say).


There are already some openly homosexual characters, two are the most famous: Waylon Smithers, Mr. Burns’ personal assistant, who came out in the 27th season and Patty Bouvier, Marge’s sister, declared a lesbian in the 16th season. According to the creators the characters, actually, declared in total are 12, some, however, have not yet openly made out, like the librarian Martha or the millionaire Megan Matheson, on which there are only gossip.


But given the willingness to open up to the LGBTQI + community, why not think of a central character who can best represent the community and who can therefore highlight the rights of the community?

Well, Al Jean, in a recent interview, said that in the immediate future he sees “Lisa Simpson President of the United States of America and also polyamorous/bisexual”.

You have understood correctly, Lisa Simpson, the little girl genius of the family, one of the key characters of the series and, above all, inside the family itself, could have a turning point.


Before this statement, there were many doubts about the sexuality of little Lisa. We all know that he was strongly courted by Milhouse, almost on the verge of boredom, or that he had a brief story with the sweet-hearted bully, Nelson, but he never had the certainty that Lisa was heterosexual, given some episodes with the middle Lisa’s relationships with some of her collage friends.

The central point is this, probably the creators of the Simpsons have never been sure of wanting to take this direction to a character so familiar with the family. Collateral characters have always been chosen and moved around the Simpson galaxy.


So far this choice to have secondary characters come out, perhaps, was the way to test the ground, perhaps to understand how the public would react to this exhibition or simply to prepare to give this bombshell to the public?

We know that since their first episode, the Simpsons have always been revolutionaries, sometimes anarchists and, above all, anticipators of events linked to American society.

This decision to declare Lisa bisexual or polyamorous is certainly one of the most revolutionary choices.

Despite the statement by Al Jean, there is still no clarity as to whether Lisa will declare herself bisexual or, in fact, polyamorous and in the last few seasons (in total for now there are 30), there have already been signs, just about this choice.

In particular there are two episodes, present in the 23rd season and in the 29th season, which allude to this topic.


At the beginning of season 9 of season 23, “Holidays of Future Passed”, in the sofa scene, there are a succession of Christmas photos, in which Lisa appears first with a girl, then with two girls, with whom she holds herself for hand and looks with a languid eye, while his brother Bart looks at her from the side and finally with Milhouse, married and with a son.

In particularly fast scenes like that of the sofa, the cult’s initial scene in the series, many may have missed these details, but the desire to have put just this succession of images at the beginning of the episode was not an unreasonable choice. Perhaps the fact that he presented Lisa with a girl first, then with two, and finally with Milhouse, will probably want to point out that the girl has had several love affairs, but then, she had to fall back on a heterosexual marriage as part of society would like.

Who can says it?


The second “clue” is in episode 8 of season 29, “Mr. Lisa’s Opus”, where Lisa is represented as President of the United States of America, on whose desk there is a plaque with the words“ Mr ”instead of“ Mrs ”. In addition to Lisa as POTUS, an affinity between Lisa and her collage roommate is also told.

They seem to be simple clues that leave the public to wonder. Of course, choosing Lisa’s character, on the one hand, is much simpler. The girl is a girl (indeed), activist, vegetarian, animalist, Buddhist and even intelligent. What frightens most people in today’s society. His character, precisely because of what it represents, could only be the right one for this change.

It is precisely that voice that could break all orders, which until now have been built into the series.

On the other hand, however, this very being so activist could be a double-edged sword, which would lead many fans of the series to say “ah that’s how Lisa’s picture is completed!”.


From this news, from this story, in reality we do not want to ask ourselves whether it is right or wrong to have chosen (perhaps) Lisa as the voice of this community and, above all, there should be no reason to ask questions. Ben well that TV series or “cartoons”, like the Simpsons give voice to themes like those of the LGBTQI+ community and it is well that they do it breaking all the fixed points of the series.

The desire of the creators has always been “annoying”, therefore, one should not absolutely “shock” that certain decisions are taken.

Lisa is perhaps one of the most complete characters in the The Simpsons series, and even reading news and opinions, yes, there could be no better character to represent the LGBTQI+ community.

Whether you are lesbian, heterosexual, polyamorous or bisexual, you know that Lisa represents girls, women in their strength and tenacity and we will always and forever love you.




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