April 12, 2019 Converse: interview to Blanca Miró, Efisio Marras, Annie Mazzola and Frida Affer Converse: interview to Blanca Miró, Efisio Marras, Annie Mazzola and Frida Affer
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Converse: interview to Blanca Miró, Efisio Marras, Annie Mazzola and Frida Affer

Find out what they told us about the legendary Chuck70

By Aurora Rossini

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Today we were at Studio70, the pop up that Converse created for the Design Week, hosting some of the most important talents it has supported over the past year. Blanca Miró, Efisio Marras, Annie Mazzola and Frida Affer had the opportunity to create a corner within the space that would express their creativity and express their values.

We interviewed them for you. Find out what they told us:


Blanca Miró

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Converse supports young creatives, what advice would you give to an emerging person who wants to take your path?

Staying oneself is certainly the key. I recommend starting to collaborate with smaller brands, trying to experiment with all the nuances of the fashion world, from the style office to styling and editing. I started as a stylist and after a few years I started my personal project as a jewelry designer. Later I embarked on the adventure as a fashion director on the Vasquiat platform. Up to my collaboration with Converse, a brand that I really appreciate because it gives the opportunity to many young creatives to express themselves and propose themselves to the general public. This is a bit of what we do with Vasquiat, promoting new talents from all over the world.

To conclude, I would like to tell all the girls that they think Instagram is their life, that it is not at all, it’s just a great tool to propose their project, remember it 🙂

How does your work support the values ​​of Converse: freedom, youth and creativity?

I feel very close to Converse because even for me freedom as an absolute value is very important. I feel very free to express my personality through clothing and in all the ways I consider most appropriate.

Icon of style and more, with your digital presence and not helping to shape the culture around you and food for thought and not just fashion for those who choose to follow you. What is the thing you really feel like telling today’s women who follow you?

I would like to tell him how much of me that does not concern fashion, I am not just this. I would like to tell women who follow me to have fun when they create something, do something that you are really passionate about.

You can say that your style and your way of being are an expression of the values ​​you believe in. How is it that all this takes shape in your work and in particular in this Chuck70 project?

When Converse proposed me to work together in the 70s, I was very happy because I had done it before. Also for me it was something very natural, I always wore the Chuck. For me they represent exactly the person who wears them, because they don’t follow a trend of the moment, but they are an ever green. I love them just for this.

The thing you wanted your mother to have told you as a child.

My mother is really important to me, she has always told me many things and given many tips. I took care of my education. Thanks to her today I do what I love.


Efisio Marras – I’m Isola Marras

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Converse supports young creatives, what advice would you give to an emerging person who wants to take your path?

Always say yes! I try to seize any possibility and any opportunity given to me, both from my creative impulse and from the people around me. From worlds that I feel closer to those I feel more distant. Experience!

How does your work support the values ​​of Converse: freedom, youth and creativity?

The meeting with Converse I call it an alignment of the stars, from the first time it was immediately love. I am originally from Alghero where my uncle is the only Converse retailer, I have always had them all. It’s a pop shoe, they all have, from the princess bon ton to the punk girl… to me that I still have to figure out which one they are!

When they contacted me and asked me what I was working on I told them about my collection inspired by Courtney Love and we immediately reconnected to their project for Chuck70. I repeat: astral conjunction!

Fashion and clothing have always played an important role in defining women first passively then, starting also from the 1970s, actively. As a stylist this definition and self-assertion also passes through your creations: how does this inspire you and “condition” your work?

I don’t believe in passive choices. I didn’t even believe it when it was more complicated to express one’s personality through clothing, we still continue to fight many taboos – myself in first person – and we must proceed in this direction. I have an absurd way of working, I have a female team, my focus is on women. I seek approval in my best friends every time I create and punctually make me change everything!

What is Chuck70 for you today? Tell us about the importance of this shoe in today’s culture and beyond.

The Chuck70 is the Converse shoe. My model of life is Sid Vicious – I always wore a chain around his neck exactly like him – and, if you try to look for his photos, in whatever circumstances he was wearing Chuck. The real strength of Chuck70 is that of being able to embrace any culture and any style, becoming an integral part of it. It has a strong identity but at the same time extremely flexible.

Tell us something about the Chuck70 project.

We had great fun. At the first collaboration I created only patches to be applied to the shoe then I wanted to revolutionize it! I intervened by sectioning it and recomposing it with the fabrics of the collection. My Chuck70 is pure experimentation.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? How do you think your life will change?

I always tend not to see myself too far in time. I live my projects in the present and I hope I can continue the work for which my team and I are now laying the foundations. I hope I can expand and create an “all-round island”. I would like to space my imagination and create my own personal universe.


Frida Affer – Wovo Store

ITWBlanca MiróEfisio MarrasAnnie MazzolaFrida Affer_acrimoniamagazine2

Converse supports young creatives, what advice would you give to an emerging person who would like to follow your path?

Not being conditioned by the judgment of others is certainly the fundamental thing to begin with. It is also very important to always be informed and be aware of what is being said. We need to build a personal opinion step by step, without letting ourselves be carried away by those that are commonplace.

How does your work support and meets Converse’s values: freedom, youth, creativity and lightheartedness?

On a 360 degrees way! Ours is a young clientele, which in addition to buying what are our products, appreciates what is our disclosure of information in the sexual sphere. Wovo Store‘s communication is pure creativity and fights those that too often are the stereotypes related to sex through knowledge and commitment.

A question that no one ever asked you but you always wanted to answer.

The reason why in the photos on the social networks of Wovo Store the face is never shown six subjects. A face identifies a body and a personality with respective character, consequently giving protagonism to that person, mind for us, for us the body is an X identity in which all must be able to see each other again.
Every girl must be able to feel close to our world.

“Sexual liberation as female liberation”. What an impact this affirmation has had in your life? How does it take shape in Chuck70?

We resume the sexual revolution of the 70s and rework it: we prefer to talk about sexual evolution rather than liberation. The taboos are still very present in our society, they have certainly not disappeared, and our work after 40 years is just this: to keep the conversation active on these issues that are, in fact, constantly evolving.

And this is precisely the message we convey with Converse! Find a right way to communicate our values ​​and to open a dialogue, thanks also to the coloring illustrations made by Emma Allegretti and fanziens, on those that are perhaps the most contemporary taboos (we asked them directed to those who follow us through a survey on Instagram), and consciously spread this message of evolution, not revolution.

We would like to know your opinion on the role of women in the creative process and in the overcoming of taboos. Long question short: we are tired of people who are surprised by women who are successful! Is Milan, in your opinion, a fertile place to create new things?

Surely Milan is a city that rewards constancy and firmness. At the same time we could say that these two qualities, if really present, could be rewarded everywhere. In some cities it is more difficult than in others… but for a stubborn girl nothing can be impossible.

As for the taboos, they are still very present in various spheres, although every effort is made to eliminate them, there are still several pitfalls to overcome, such as the pay gap. I, like all the women I work with, feel we are the promoters of this positive change.

After what we’ve said since now: what do you think is the true power of this Chuck70 project?

Converse is a very successful brand, a corporate brand, which has joined a brand like ours and decided to stand up to this and include us in this speech and act as a megaphone. It is a brand that recognizes the real existence of a need to communicate these messages and to keep the conversation open without being braked. These are very important appointments for us and this “oppressive taboo” project is extremely current.

A closing line?

Always come! *

* TN: Italian wordplay


Annie Mazzola

ITWBlanca MiróEfisio MarrasAnnie MazzolaFrida Affer_acrimoniamagazine1

Converse supports young creatives, what advice would you give to an emerging person who wants to take your path?

To tell your personality through Instagram or social media in general is very important right now. The first important thing is not to be influenced by others and not to be afraid to express one’s opinion. We need to be aware that everything we choose to publish automatically becomes public knowledge, you must always be ready for criticism to address them without being overwhelmed: real life is out of your Instagram account! Furthermore, it is essential to take care of your own cummunity once created, for them you are an inspirational model.

How does your work support the values ​​of Converse: freedom, youth and creativity?

Well, with my 27 years I’m in the prime of my youth! Creativity is the first value that I was given as a child, my mother and father always told me about freedom of expression. Converse is a brand that I feel very mine, I’ve been wearing it since I was very small, when all the others wore bows.

How does your way of communicating help others? Whom do you turn to?

I have a very strong following of girls and very few boys, and I’m happy! I’m talking about what happens to me and all the girls my age. They really listen to me, we give advice, we compare ourselves. The people I address are absolutely like me, just because on social media I am 100% myself.

How do Converse and Chuck70 represent your values?

We have done a very nice campaign on activism together, which you can see exposed today. As you will notice from the images it seems that I was shouting something important to the megaphone – in fact I was screaming: ragù! – seriously… Chuck is a historical shoe and has an important heritage, in an age where everything is born and dies at the speed of light is really important. It is a brand with a universal image that cannot be known.

What do you think true communicative power is today? With Chuck 70, Converse wants to bring to mind moments far away in time but close to ours for social movements, women’s emancipation and LGBTQ conversations. Tell us what you think is the true hidden power of this initiative.

Converse, as I said, is a language that everyone understands. In 2019, opening up to LGBTQ communities is not a universal language, unfortunately we are still here today to fight for what should instead be naturally automatic. I value Converse a lot because it is brave to embrace a cause like this, is not for everyone just because there are many people who do not share. The Chuck70 is for everyone, indiscriminately, wearable and purchasable by anyone, this is its true strength. Social media helped a lot with the success of this day and this project. I hope there are more and more such initiatives.


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