April 11, 2019 BioNike launches Defense Mist BioNike launches Defense Mist
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BioNike launches Defense Mist

An aid against daily aggressions

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It is now the order of the day to hear about environmental pollution, blue light and UV rays which, if ignored, cause serious damage to the skin. BioNike fights dull complexion, dehydration and premature aging with the new Defense Mist cosmetic gesture. Defense Mist, once vaporized on the face, creates an invisible film to protect the face.

Bionike lancia Defence Mist_acrimoniamagazine

The methods of application include a completion of the beauty routine in the morning, protection from blue light emitted by electronic devices at work, from urban smog in the city, from UV rays outdoors.

The qualities of the new product launched by the cosmetics giant allow a better life for our beloved skin. What are you waiting for? Less stress, more well-being.

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