March 7, 2019 10 things you can’t forget about The Simple Life 10 things you can’t forget about The Simple Life

10 things you can’t forget about The Simple Life

The duo of blondes without which the 2000s would not have existed

By Claudia Matrisciano

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The Simple Life was a US reality show broadcast on FOX and then on E! Entertainment Television for about 5 seasons.

The protagonists were the world’s most famous heiress, Paris Hilton and her friend, as well as socialite, Nicole Richie (daughter of the most famous Lionel Richie).

The reality  had one goal: to teach the two rich girls the hard workmanship; making them travel with a trailer all the United States.

In the 5 seasons, Paris and Nicole, gave so much trash that it cannot even quantify and was, for this reason, one of the most successful FOX products ever.

The union of two beautiful girls completely out of their minds, rich, spoiled and accustomed to the comforts; added to the work, to improbable situations and the desire of viewers to see them in embarrassing and bankrupt circumstances, they could only make this program one of the most followed. Although the two heiresses did not arouse the sympathy of many, the program has glued to the television about 15 million viewers.

So here are the 10 things you’ll never forget about The Simple Life:


One of the most exhilarating elements of all the 5 seasons of The Simple Life are the moments with the families where Paris and Nicole are hosted. They are mostly simple families, sometimes particularly severe and religious, who find themselves having to control these two frantic girls.

Super hilarious are the moments when the two are scolded or families tell their own about their behavior. This happens in almost all the episodes and it always presents the same format: they are taken back, they apologize and after 5 minutes they return to behave as before.



The moment of “dressing” is always very tragic-comic. No Chanel or Gucci for Paris and Nicole; work clothes are what most detaches from their fashion world. Super hilarious their expressions when they are faced with a new obscene (for them) look. As always, however, the two manage to get by making irreparable changes to their new clothes. They add accessories of all kinds, hats, colored bands, tear off their clothes, decide to wear heels and sandals even on farms.

They leave Los Angeles but Los Angeles doesn’t leave them.



This is definitely one of my favorite episodes. When they worked at the airport, Paris and Nicole really put their work figures to the test: an airline company.

The heiresses have both worked as baggage sorters, trying, with very scarce but exhilarating results, to sort the passengers’ luggage from the plane to the trolley. Throwing almost all the suitcases on the ground, in the presence of the passengers themselves and, sometimes, opening and wearing the customers’ clothes.


Perhaps the most “fitting” work was that of the hostess. With their customized uniforms they welcomed customers at check-in or upon arrival at the airport, embarrassing passengers with spicy allusions or compliments.



In episode 7 of the second season Paris and Nicole are sent to a very Catholic family, a member of the gospel choir of the town church. The new owners are not really in the dark of the fame of the two, so they immediately want to tell them the rules of the family: no swearing, behaving appropriately, if you mess up you have to clean up. Immediately Nicole pronounces during the dinner an unquantifiable number of swear words, leaving the lady stunned.

In this episode they find work at a baseball team where they improvise masseuses and coaches, particularly embarrassing the boys of the team.


If you are a fan of the caption, in this inevitable episode the most famous motto of our national Paris “That’s hot”, is pronounced more or less every three seconds.


For those who were fans of this reality there is nothing more iconic than this episode. We are in the third episode of the first season, Paris and Nicole have to work in a fast food chain: the Sonic Burger.

They have to wake up very early to be at work, around 6.30 and the first question that Paris poses at the beginning of the episode is “Who would buy a hamburger at 6 am?”. Paris all in America buy a hamburger at 6 in the morning, it’s America!

They are 45 minutes late; delivery of their uniforms and away to serve customers. The results are poor. Then immediately afterwards the two girls are given the task of changing the promotional message of the Sonic Burger, under the sign on the street.

The rest guys is history…

Change the daily motto of fast food from “United, we stand” to a motto that perhaps is not even the case to repeat because of the strong language. Go see episode 3 season 1 from minute 9.30; because in addition to this magical moment trash the two will also dress up as mascots of the brand causing many problems throughout the town.



This is the most iconic moment of all, as well as one of my absolute favorite moments. The episode of season 4, in which Paris Hilton, turns into a housewife more than desperate.

From this episode we can understand how the sweet heiress has never done anything in her life, but in this lies irony and fun. Cleans and cooks with twelve heels and 50s dress, just like the stereotype of the American housewife of the time. She approaches the kitchen by cooking breakfast with an iron.

Unimaginable, then, the way he cleans the house: after overturning the bucket to clean the floors, to stem the problem he decides to get on a segway and clean everything on the saddle of this two-wheeled scooter, leaving the trail of the mop on the floor.


So trash and so unforgettable!



“These girls may be the sweetest but also the most evil that God knows”, this is the affirmation of the host of Paris and Nicole in the opening of the last episode of the first season.


We are in a bar, the girls certainly did not fail in their name of party girl. Between the two Nicole is the one that has decidedly exaggerated. Her purse is nowhere to be found, and from that moment a staggering and truly comical fury arises. Throw bottles of bleach, screaming, while Paris tries to stop her.

The bag is not found, Nicole gives up and the two leave the room under the laughter but also the boos of customers.



Paris and Nicole are hired by Fox, the show producer. Paris is in charge of presenting the weather news.

On live television the young heiress is presented to viewers with a clutch bag in her hand, absolutely useless for the occasion. Through an earphone someone suggest her what to say; at one point, Paris turns to the video, sees the earth and says “Oh the Earth, that’s hot, or “Oh look how much pollution”, those are clouds Paris.

How can you not love her?!



Between the end of the third season and the beginning of the fourth, something in the bond between the two friends has changed. The gossip sites do not speak of anything else, it seems, in fact, that the friendship between Paris and Nicole has come to an end. For this reason the fourth season is, yes, registered, but the two girls live their experience separately.


The viewers were waiting to see the catfight between the two and just at the end of the fourth season they meet, thanks to a double of Paris Hilton, with whom Nicole decides to do an interview for a newspaper. At a certain point, however, comes the real Paris Hilton to settle the accounts with former bff Nicole. This episode was one of the most followed precisely because of this quarrel that led the girls to a face-to-face confrontation (much anticipated) and also to the reunion in the fifth and final season.


We close this revival of The Simple Life simply with this unpronounceable song by Paris and Nicole. I definitely recommend watching the episode of the third season in which the girls begin to sing this song during a bus trip, bringing the bus driver to exasperation. Exhilarating and irritating at the same time but deserves!


In short, The Simple Life was one of the American reality shows that left indelible and iconic memories in our minds. For those who were fans of the program, of course, these were just some of the funniest moments, for those who are particularly susceptible and irrelevant to irony, however, I would say that it is not the program for you.

Paris and Nicole, you can love or hate them, and we love them madly.



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