February 8, 2019 Un mese d’amore Un mese d’amore
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Un mese d’amore

Drunkenrabbit x Avery Perfume Gallery Florence

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A dialogue between art and perfume. A space where fairy-tale details allow you to dream. After the debut in Avery Perfume Gallery Excelsior in Milan, the “Un Mese d’Amore” collection moves to Florence.

Un mese d’amore_Acrimoniamagazine

It is a union between two worlds: perfume and art. In “Un mese d’Amore” are associated works completed by Drunkenrabbit to a new collection, all works linked by a common cognitive fabric, the introspective investigation that precedes revelation. The result is a unique experience of its kind.

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At Avery Perfume Gallery in Florence there is Linda Ferrari aka Drunkenrabbit, a painter inclined to fairytale suggestions. The artist is the mirror of her works. Mirror of her imagination.  Romantic, feminine, dreamlike… A parallel world, her, which is now possible to observe in Florence.

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Borgo degli Albizi, 70/r

50122 Firenze (IT)

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