January 28, 2019 The 5 reasons why girls love Tommaso Paradiso The 5 reasons why girls love Tommaso Paradiso

The 5 reasons why girls love Tommaso Paradiso

“Such a great love, such a love…”

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Tommaso Paradiso, well-known singer of the group Thegiornalisti, has not only depopulated on the radio and sold out many stages of his last tour “LOVE” but has also won the hearts of many teenagers and not. Among them I too, in the front row, while I scream like a desperate his name!

Born and raised in Rome, graduated in Philosophy (we also understand him from the quotations of his songs), Thomas has that power, typical of the mysterious boy, of making you fall in love with him. Casual hair, unkempt beard, always dressed with the usual four dark basic items. A character with whom you can entertain conversations on old movies and to go for a beer at home (always with butterflies in your stomach).

Let’s see the main reasons that have made TP the boyfriend (without his knowledge) of thousands of girls:


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    1. The slapping face you look at and shout: “but how stupid this is, I wish it were mine”. Then, under the Ray-ban sunglasses, the look of good, almost reassuring. Understand that he will never be one of those who conquers you by dedicating you an indie song (whatever is good so they describe us all perfectly!) And then break up with you at four in the morning in the middle of a road and disappear completely from your life with the same ease with which entered. No, he is one of those who when you wake up, he looks at you and tells you how lucky he is to be there with you by your side or, in this specific case: “Sei la nazionale del 2006, ma dentro casa col vestito da sposa”.


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    2. The perfect white t-shirt. Yes, Tommaso has succeeded in the enterprise in which many of our fashion paladins have failed: to find the perfect white short-sleeved t-shirt. In fact, during a careful listening to one of his direct, I caught the information of the information, discover the brand of the object of desire. Drum roll: Fruit of the loom. The singer says, in fact, that during his trip to New York has finally managed to find the t-shirt from the neckline and the cut of the sleeve from which it will never separate.


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    3. The Roman accent. Let’s not fool around, there’s no girl who does not have a certain Roman accent. It was all Nicolas Vaporidis‘ fault that when we were younger it made our hearts beat with films that made the story of our adolescence as “Come tu mi vuoi”, a masterpiece that deserved, in my humble opinion, one of the Oscar.
    4. His non-existent sense of rhythm (this is my favorite point I admit it!). Every time I look at one of his videos, I smile with laughter for this reason. Those movements clumsy by those who try to believe it but know that it is completely denied and its maximum will always remain: “right, left to rhythm”! Our Thomas, however, does not let down and to approach this world a little ‘dancer begins to make a box, a sport that apparently has nothing to do with the dance but that actually allows you to connect feet, hands and mind creating harmony in the movements. If you go to see one of his concerts, in fact, you will notice many moves that recall this activity.
    5. When he shows up drunk at concerts because “the wine in that restaurant was excellent and because Lazio football club won”. TP has always declared himself a lover of wine and football (a reality often present in his texts), well you must know that it is thanks to his passion that he met Carolina, his current girlfriend. He says he met her at a football match, she was sitting behind him and love was born from there. Returning to the starting point, yes, our dear Tommaso managed to present himself at a drunken concert in Florence, he would have to sing and play a Lucio Dalla song on the piano, but the alcohol did not manage to remember the lyrics. Citing his words: “I drank like a jerk!”.

Me after this sentence: dead on the ground, lying down, because the unfit can only love him.

Tommaso has managed to make us fall madly in love with him. These are just some of the reasons, we just have to wait for the next moves and extend the list.

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